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VitaNova Technologies LLC founded in 2019, is a cutting-edge technology startup that is transforming the fertility industry.

Through a combination of affiliations and expertise, the company leverages its proprietary software systems to recruit and place potentially viable gestational surrogate candidates or viable oocyte (egg) donor candidates with appropriate fertility agencies. In turn, the agencies then guide either the gestational surrogates or oocyte donors and intended parents through the surrogacy process at a substantially reduced cost.

The current surrogacy and fertility market is driven by agencies which are focused on the intended parents. Our mission is to focus on the potential surrogate or egg donor and provide them with information as well as multiple agency options around the United States. This provides the potential surrogate/donor with choices that would best suit their needs while facilitating a better match with intended parents.

VitaNova Technologies LLC is neither a law firm nor a fertility agency; instead it is a place where technology meets compassion with the goal of providing information and options to those interested in helping create new life.

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