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Enjoyed being pregnant or want to help someone get pregnant? Would you also like to be compensated for your generosity? We can help. 

At VitaNova Technologies we make the process easy; fill out our application form, meet with our team and then we will present your file to a wide range of Fertility Agencies. We will then review the offers with you, and allow you to choose the agency that best suits you.

Whether you are interested in becoming a surrogate or an egg donor, long gone are the days of applying to each Fertility Agency separately. Simply fill in our form and we will do the shopping for you. Better yet, there is no cost to you at any stage.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
Why be a Surrogate

Enjoyed being pregnant, but not ready to have more children? Surrogacy is a fantastic option; you can provide a family with the child they have always wanted.

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Providing Life via Egg Donation

Not interested in or not ready to become a parent? Consider Egg Donation; without the commitment of pregnancy you can provide a family with the gift of new life. 

What to Expect

A seamless experience: from an application expressing interest to speaking with the team to having choices between agencies and intended parents, to becoming a paid donor or surrogate.





VNT process begins with filling out the form on our website. This form can be found in the "Application" section above. Once we have received your form, the VNT team will review it and get familiarized with your different considerations. Once we have done so, we will contact you for a virtual meeting. 

Meet Us

After filling out the form, your next step is to meet with us. During this meeting, we will gather more information, allowing us to then create a profile for you (Your identity is not revealed), which we will present to a number of our trusted agencies. Once we hear back from the agencies we will present you with the different options of intended parents, taking care to walk you through the requirements of each agency so that you can make an informed choice, one that matches your needs and wants. Your comfort and safety are our top priority which is why we connect to the agencies on your behalf. 

Become a Paid Donor

Once you have chosen which agency and or intended parents, we will make the connection and the agency will take over from there. Now comes your time to provide someone with a child they have always wanted. VNT will never be far though, should you ever have questions or concerns, we will be happy to support you. 

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